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Better Building Operations Results

Many government buildings were built long ago, yet they must serve the expanding needs of their communities. Facilities managers do an admirable job in providing good working environments, despite aging equipment and building infrastructures.

At Long Island Electrical, we work with building operations staffs to implement upgrades that significantly reduce operating costs. We deliver special projects such as energy efficient lighting upgrades. We provide design and build expertise to support retrofit projects.

We are experienced in working with government agencies in designing effective solutions and procuring the supplies needed for any project.

In partnership with our sister company, US Energy Group, we deliver full building energy management solutions that enable governments to minimize energy consumption and save thousands of dollars.

We not only deliver top-flight solutions, we remain on call to help with any servicing needs that arise.

Long Island Electrical has the supplies, services, and solutions to meet the needs of any municipality or other government agency.

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